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Jerry Pierce

External Affairs is an extensive and diverse segment of the university that includes Intercollegiate Athletics, Informational Services, Alumni and Development, Institutional Advancement, NSU Press, Marketing and Branding, NSU Television, University Printing Services and Wellness, Recreation and Activities Center.

This webpage and its links provide information on the personnel, programs, services and activities of External Affairs, which is at the forefront of projecting a positive image for the university and maintaining communications and associations with alumni, news media, prospective donors, prospective students, government and civic leaders and other entities and constituencies.

The Vice-President for External Affairs is responsible for the supervision of departments and entities in the External Affairs area and also coordinates governmental relations for the university and performs and directs numerous other duties related to public relations, community services, promotions, marketing, publicity and institutional development and advancement.

The External Affairs Vice-President works closely with department heads in each division of External Affairs in budget development and control, employment of all staff members and other personnel decisions, planning and coordination of all activities in those departments. The Vice-President for External Affairs also works closely with the university president and other vice-presidents in development and implementation of overall university policies and procedures.

The Vice-President for External Affairs is also directly involved in activities of state, national and other organizations affiliated with the external affairs area of the university, including the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Southland Conference, Council for Advancement and Support of Education and the Governmental Affairs Committee of the University of Louisiana System.

The Vice-President for External Affairs also has the rank of Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communications and performs other responsibilities assigned by the university president.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is a major showcase of the university, and the success of its programs have a positive impact on enrollment, image, fund-raising, alumni and community involvement, media attention and other factors that area part of accomplishing the overall goals of the university.

Through recruitment of outstanding student athletes and the assistance and guidance that those students receive from academic services personnel in the External Affairs area, this realm of the university is directly involved in promoting a learning-centered environment, improving retention and graduation rates and maintaining a positive student-oriented atmosphere.

In the area of External Affairs, two major fund-raising campaigns in recent years have far exceeded goals; alumni participation and involvement is at an all-time high; graduation and academic progress report rates in Intercollegiate Athletics are among the highest in the state and website news updates and other media services and marketing activities are among the most extensive in Louisiana higher education.

Northwestern State University, Office of the Vice President for External Affairs, Natchitoches, LA 71497

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